COVID – 19

Dear Guests,

With great pleasure we open the doors of our Hotel, to welcome our guests and to offer again our family hosting services!

All apartments with an independent entrance.

In light of current world events, Sellada Apartments, wishes to inform guests that every precaution is taken to ensure a truly safe stay. We have executed measures approved by safety experts. Execution of some of these measures may alter the availability of some services. This is to ensure that our guests, employees and suppliers can continue to enjoy our hotel without any worries, reducing the risks of infection by Coronavirus to a minimum.

We have followed the health protocol against the Covid-19, according to Greek Tourism Organization. Our hotel cleaning and sanitizing processes have been adapted to current needs, minimizing the risk of spreading Covid-19.

General Rules :

Our hotel follow cleaning protocols based on medical practices approved by the World Health Organization.

• Surface cleaning in common areas – the reception, lobby, corridors, restrooms, pool bar and other hotel common areas are sanitized in line with protocols, products and medical frequency.
• Room sanitizing : we use technology and highly effective cleaning products on all surfaces and clinically proven protocols for laundering textiles. Decorative fabrics and room folders are removed from our staff for safety reasons.

Cleaning guest room : The guest should inform us, upon arrival how often is needed to be cleaned the room during the stay.

The check in time is amended to 15.00pm and the check out to 11.00 am, in order to take place the appropriate cleaning protocol in each room.

Personal hygiene :

Regular and careful hand cleaning with hand sanitizer is required based on alcohol or washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
Cover your mouth and nose with a bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then discard the used one tissue immediately.

Housekeeping – Maintenance :

Employees in the cleaning and maintenance department should wear protection equipment: simple surgery mask and gloves.

We have removed from the guests’ rooms the decorative pillows, the bed runners, books, magazines and other supporting / advertising publications collaterals, brochures etc. due to health safety procedures.
The room A/C filters will be cleaned after each guest departure.

Extra pillow and / or blanket will be provided only upon request of our guest.
The Daily Cleaning Service will be done only upon request of our guests. Changes in sheets and towels are also will be made only upon request of our guests.

A guest’s room, after departure, will be cleaned and disinfected with a steam cleaner on the same day for to be delivered to the next guest.

The cleaning staff enters the Hotel rooms to clean only by absence of our guests.
Maintenance workers entering guests’ rooms, have to wear gloves and a mask.

Also, we would like to inform that all of our hotel staff have attended approved pandemic prevention seminars and will be available to fulfil all our guest’s requirements and needs during their stay in Sellada Apartments.

For further questions or travel information, we are at your full disposal and will be delighted to assist you via email at